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Professional Caricature Artist

I‘ve worked as a professional Caricature Artist since 1999, drawing caricatures of people at live events and traveling all over the country. I’ve been drawing and sketching as long as I can remember, and I love interacting with people and making them laugh at my drawings. I especially love drawing at weddings, and drawing squirmy kids is my specialty!  Browse through my site to learn more about me, my work, and what I can do for you.


My Work

A sampling of my work for your viewing pleasure. If you like it please drop me a line! Also I’m always available for parties, weddings, festivals and special events. Squirmy kids and babies are m specialty! 


Digital selfie

I first started drawing digital caricatures about ten years ago when I had a gig for Samsung at CES at the Las Vegas Convention center. They had a huge booth and they were advertising their new Galaxy note tablet/phone hybrid by hiring 25 caricaturists, the biggest gig any of us had ever seen. My late husband, buddy rose, oversaw the gig. He was a caricaturist too, a great one. Anyway I had only toyed around on my phone artistically up til that point so learning how to draw quick sketches on a tablet was a pretty big learning curve. Drawing on a slick surface is akin to ice skating and is actually more difficult than traditional drawing, not less, but I managed. And this digital selfie I did a couple of years ago shows how far I’ve come in this amazing new medium. I’m available for digital gigs and I do travel so give me a call if you’re interested to discuss your project. 

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Explorers series

This project was for teachers pay teachers. I did a series of twenty explorers painstakingly researched from old paintings and photographs. I love art and history so it was a perfect pairing. I did them both in color and just linework and as usual I prefer the linework without the color! Something about the black and white appeals to me.  If you have any illustrations you want done for websites, traditional print jobs or even for your business card, give me a shout! 

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Live caricatures

 Live work is the lifeblood of any live caricaturist. Nothing beats being face to face with another human being and feeling the energy of interacting with a client. I always keep the drawing a secret til the end and the big reveal, and nothing pleases me more than making everyone watching get a big belly laugh! 
If you’re interested in learning more about my live work or any of my other creations, feel free to contact me.


Cartoon illustration

I’m a caricaturist first but I’m also an accomplished cartoonist. This one was for a tshirt. The idea is simple. Video game characters who “save the world” listening to the One who really did save it. I love this piece. For more info about this piece or to book a party or discuss event please contact me  



I did this some time ago. It was the first  painting I ever sold and I was thrilled to sell it! I probably undervalued myself. Believe it or not I actually majored in fine art and PAINTING in college! I’m so glad I did though because it brings a different touch to my work that I think a lot of caricaturists are lacking. If you want to commission a painting or want to hire me for live work, give me a call or shoot me a line. 


Celebrity caricatures 

This is all traditional, done with pen and ink the old fashioned way, with minimal digital cleanup. If you want to commission me for a drawing or hire me for a live event give me a call or shoot me a line!



I love love love black and white photography. My pieces are very artsy. It’s my dream to do a wedding. If you are interested or want to hire me to do a photo shoot or a love caricature booking give me a call or shoot me a line! 


Children’s book 

I’m currently working on illustrating a children’s book I wrote. The main character is based on my daughter, Grace, who has Down’s syndrome. I grew weary of all the books written about kids with disabilities that seem to be written for everyone else but the people with disabilities themselves. My daughter loves to read and she has a great sense of humor. The main character is based on her. Grace doesn’t mind. 

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Get in touch with me. I draw live at parties and special events. Drawing squirmy kids and babies is my specialty! 

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest in my work as a professional Caricature Artist. For any inquiries about entertainment for your event, or for commission requests, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Fairhope, AL 36532, USA


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